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Tired of Despacito? Holla, there are some other great tunes out there! 🙌

Yeah I know how you feel… You are standing in the middle of the dance club, sipping your drink 🍻 during a summer party waiting for some decent bass music to forget the everyday hustle from work, but the DJ drops the record-breaking latin song for the {n+1000}th time 😱. Well this is not the Saturday night you were wishing for in 2017. But I have something for you.

Don’t misunderstand me, Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee and everyone who was involved in this hit, did a great job on creating the perfect bandwagon for the summer 🌴, but at the same time I feel the influence of such a songs are blurring the scene for other uprising artists, especially in more underground scenes. 😡

WHO IS THIS GUY TALKING SH**T about our fav song?

Why am I writing about all this after all? Well, I’m a great fan of electronic music in general, and I organised numerous parties back in the days, my huge trap & moombahton collections are representing the fandom, but this summer was craaazy, so I decided to create a separate site for the music I like (and maybe dear reader you like it too), because it took an enormous amount of time to cut through the clutter on Spotify, Soundcloud or even Apple Music to find the right beats for coding, cooking, pre-partying, etc..

So this was the main motivation I started to work on my own music service as a side passion called remixmonsta. It delivers all the latest remix hits from different genres from pop to house through dubstep, crawling Soundcloud for great content.

I didn’t want to overcomplicate it, so the main value is the freshness of the music 🔥, which updates regularly during the day,with the search function it also makes possible to search for any remix preferred from the past anyways. 😜

Yeah I know you already saying: there are trillions of music blogs and the Hype Machine, which is true, but actually I wanted something un-opinionated with the uplifting feeling of finding a hidden gem ✨ just by listening all these lists without a filter. And it’s important no digging, simply listening.

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In the future I plan to implement more features (new APIs on the horizon! ===> more music) in my free time, and also refining the filtering and searching options. I hope you are sharing the love about these great songs and enjoy this little oasis ❤️❤️❤️.

Any feedback about remixmonsta, is really really welcome. 🙌 If you don’t want to miss my future updates about it, just subscribe for it on the site. (no spam, I promise!)

No conclusion, that’s for the serious guys. Drop some tracks instead, and enjoy the massive bass! 💃 🎶

PS — Recent gems 🌟 found through remixmonsta:

and the list getting longer…

Product Designer & Hacktivist. Creating with #code #design. Creator of Chiriba, WSTLSS, Peterbot and remixmonsta. Currently Product Designer @adidas

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