• Paul Fox

    Paul Fox

    Husband, father, experience designer.

  • Marcos Sant'Ana

    Marcos Sant'Ana

  • András Németh

    András Németh

    Senior product designer & passionate illustrator. Let’s build a meaningful product together! www.andrasnemeth.design

  • FridayLosers


    Two friends. One thing in common. Disastrous dating lives. @thefridaylosers | fridaylosers@gmail.com

  • Federico Iglesias

    Federico Iglesias

    Head of Product Management at BestDay Travel Group

  • Abdulateef kolade

    Abdulateef kolade

    Budding Ui/Ux designer

  • Jerry Purvis

    Jerry Purvis

  • Irene Chuang

    Irene Chuang

    UX Designer in Taipei | Interaction Lover, Music, Travel around..

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